1 The Discipline of Institute is to be strictly observed. For breach of discipline a student may be fined or expelled from the Institute. No refund of fee will be allowed.
2 Any harsh or insulting language used in the office or written in the letter may affect the admission of the student.
3 Student must arrange their eligibility while taking admission to a particular class.
4 If a student fails to take examination for one reason or other, the Institute will not entertain any claim for the refund of the fees.
5 In all matters the decision of the principal will be final.
6 Any dispute arising out of the transaction will be subject to Tarn-Taran Jurisdiction only.
7 The mode of payment of fees should be strictly followed. If any instalment is not paid in time, the name of the student will be struck off.
8 Students are not permitted to possess such books which excite basic instincts.
9 Institute will not be responsible in case of delay or postponement of the examination up to any extent by PNRC/GNDU.


Sports are an integral part of education for all round development of cherished personality.
There are vast play grounds in the college. All sports activities in the college are organised by sports committee of various games appointed by the Principal.
Every sports woman is expected to maintain high tradition of sports-manship, conduct, behaviour and discipline.


Special Prizes are given by the Institute to the students who secure First, Second and Third Positions in the State. The Special Prizes include award of cash prizes of Rs. 5000/-, 3000/- and 2000/- to the students respectively. Besides, the management of the college may decide to give scholarship to the students on basis of their merit.

Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the students winning distinction in studies, sports and other social and literary activities during the session.

Academic prizes are awarded to the following categories of students :
1. The top scholar of each class and the best scorer in each subject will be determined on the basis of aggregate marks obtained by her in the quarterly end house examinations.
2. Gold Medal is awarded to a student of any class for standing first in the University/Council Examination.
3. Silver Medal is awarded to a student of any class for standing second in the University/Council Examinations provided she is on the merit list of the University/Council Examination.
4. Student (s) other than those mentioned in clause (2) and (3) above who figure in the merit list of the University/Council Examination are awarded prizes.