Principal's Message

Dear Students
As a first regular Principal of Punjab College of Law (PCL), USMA, Tarn Taran, it’s my great pleasure to welcome you at Punjab College of Law.
It is an institute of the future, an institute for the progressive students, an institute which has its namesake parallel in West Punjab (which we left in the year 1947).

At Punjab College of Law you can nurture your wishes by becoming the best among the students of the legal profession. I, myself along with the management i.e. Sikh Educational Forum TarnTaran (SEFTT) cherish the vision to produce PCS & IAS officers from Punjab College of Law. For this purpose not only the staff but the management too has an experience to produce personalities that may one day be admired by their presence as court officers, as judges and administrators.

Moreover two basic things that are required for legal professionals are the knowledge, which includes both basic as well as current and secondly it is communication skill.

For the first one, college has setup a library having on its shelves not only All India reporters (AIR) dating book to the year 1970 but also Supreme Court Cases (SCC) as well as All England Reporter (All ER) so that an indepth knowledge can be ingrained into the mind of the student. This has been further given boost by providing the student with Wi-Fi as well as software to download the current judgments.

On communication skills, particularly the teaching of English language a special care of the students is taken as the management is already having an institute in the name of MB International Public School, affiliated to ISC Board, the help of which would be taken to increase the fluency of the students in English language. Besides, the students would be subject to tutorials and seminars where proper brushing of the students can be done so as to prepare them to compete with the best professionals. The most pertinent part of studying at Punjab College of Law is that lectures and seminars by judges and other legal luminaries have been made a part of curriculum, where the students too may overcome their individual inhibitions and would be able to give a complete and full expression to their thoughts.

I may like to convey to the parents that while making a choice of the college, for your ward, make it sure that the sincerity and honesty with which you are investing on your child, you will get the return for the same. Parents should note that Management of Punjab College of Law has deliberately avoided taking affiliation for LL.B 3 year course so that the students after 10+2 can be guided according to their orientations directly towards the target as the students being at their budding stages of career-making may get disoriented in their achievements, under the impression of the senior students. I, hereby welcome you, the young buddies for making their careers at Punjab College of Law with zeal and enthusiasm and may thereof shine as Judges, Prosecutors, Taxation-Lawyers etc.

Prof. Dr. R.P. Singh
LL.M. Ph.D.